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Denmark Properties, LLC.

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Suite 108

Homewood, AL 35209


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Denmark Properties, LLC
Denmark Properties, LLC

About Us

We Care and Can Help

Denmark Properties was started in April 2009 by both Antonio & Ashley Denmark. Our inspiration came from looking at the situation that both of our families have been through over the past few years. Some problems came from the economic downturns while other arose due to the different job markets, and lack of financial organization. Life has shaped us tremendously into who we are today.


Our main focus after all that we have been through is to help others. By helping others we promise to be honest, caring, and most of all have open minds. What ever situation you are involved in, we can help solve your problem. A wise man once said" it's not how many times you get knocked down, all that matters is how many times you get up."


Please remember, there is always help for you.  


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