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Denmark Properties, LLC.

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Denmark Properties, LLC
Denmark Properties, LLC

How We Help--Home Ownership Through Real Estate in Birmingham, AL

Home Ownership


Denmark Properties, LLC can help you reach the dream of home ownership through Real Estate in Birmingham, AL. We offer different options to help. We will pair the house of your choice with the best financial solution to  create a win win situation for you. If what we currently have for sale don’t interest you. You can join our VIP Buyer's Program and we will schedule an appointment to sit down and find out exactly what you are looking for in a home. Things like area, price range, bed and bath are a few of things we will ask. After gathering your wish list, we will go out and find what you are looking for in a Dream Home. You have to join the VIP program to start this option.

Birmingham’s Turn-Key Investment Properties
Can you imagine receiving six, seven, or as much as eight hundred dollar checks every month without lifting a finger? Denmark Properties can make that happen just for you!
We are an investment company that buy & sell TURN-KEY properties throughout the Birmingham, AL area. If you are not investing in the Birmingham, AL market, then you are potentially losing money. The Birmingham market is one of the best markets to buy and hold properties. Our average investor receives 18-20% return on investments (ROI).
What we do is simple. We buy the properties. Fix them up to meet Section 8 guidelines. Then we insert a tenant in each of them. All of our houses are managed by a property management company to make your job as an investor easy. This allows you the opportunity of not having to deal with tenants.
Denmark Properties does all of the hard work for you. You can invest in the Birmingham market without ever having to step foot in the city.
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